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Short and regular broadcast loop is a guarantee of quality and effective marketing.

Transmitting loop on the medial panel of LEDs is currently set to 5 minutes. This timeframe is on the panel LED displays total of 12 times per hour. Promotional spot in this transmission loop may display a total of:

  • 1x per 12 times / hour, 288x / day 6.840x / 30 days
  • 2x per 24 times / hour, 576x / day 13.680x / 30 days
  • 5x per 60 times / hour, 1.140x / day 34.200x / 30 days

Transmitting loop time is organized space in which each advertising spot is assigned a specific time point. Transmitting Loop is ordered with individual care, which there is a logical sort of commercials spots into a loop, an example, by segment or by kinship traditions. This individual organizations and caring for a loop, can achieve by regular distribution of displaying commercials within minutes, hours, day and month.

Transmitting loop is divided into three dynamic blocks:

  • advertising campaign spot
  • sponsoring timer / sponsorship weather
  • online news blocks

The dual marketing

With this individual care for transmitting loop when we are able to guarantee delivery of a particular advertising spot at a particular place in a time loop, we can offer you called. "The dual marketing".

The dual marketing lies in the fact that the number of daily views are evenly distributed between the two commercials spots that appear in an advertising campaign for the company: under the same logo, the same length, only with other content information. The Company may, in the campaign to present more of their services or products or more related sectors of their business, with regard to the protection segment.

Protection segment

Companies that we entrust their advertising campaign, provide protection segment.

Meaning "Protection segment" lies in the fact that during the advertising campaign of one company in the transmitting loop appears in an advertising campaign to another company, which is in direct competition with a company whose advertising campaign in the media panel LED is underway, except for the segment "Fashion" to which belong clothes, shoes and handbags.

This protection segment, the company wants to graduate with us, to ensure uniqueness, uniqueness and originality.

Changing the content of advertising spots

Our services also include the possibility of exchanging content advertising spot, at any time during the promotional campaign.
  • Sponzoring časomíry / počasí
  • Spotové kampaně
  • Online zpravodajské bloky